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F.A.G  Johanson3 cargo bikes

Is the johanson3 save to drive and easy to handle?

The johanson3 is a stable platform on 3 wheels with a front sitting system following the body movement of the tilting system. The tilting system can be regulated according to the drive you wish to have. If you want a sporty drive you will prefer a soft tension in the rear springs. If you like a comfortable drive you will want a hard tension on the rear springs. It will allow the front part of the vehicle to respond faster to your body weight pushing you back to the vertical position.

The tilting system is actioned with your feet by positioning the weight of your body to one side or the other depending on the direction you want to take.

How does the johanson3 handle curves?

We have tested the vehicle at abnormally high speeds in the mountains of San Marino in Italy uphill and downhill. It is very stable. It takes corners brilliantly and requires a lot of effort to get one of the rear wheels off the ground.

How does one sit on the vehicle in the front?

The seat allows the driver to sit or stand on the vehicle according to your preferences and height providing a maximum comfort and flexibility. It has also been designed for women wearing a skirt, a sari, a kimono, a djellaba, and other similar clothing.

Do you need a helmet to drive it?

This depends of the speed limit imposed by local traffic regulations. You should not have to wear a helmet if your vehicle is preset for speeds between 20 and 30 km/h.  In that case a roof will later be available as an accessory to protect you from the rain. We will ensure the vehicle has certification regarding traffic regulations for the USA and Europe*.

How much time do you need to drive the johanson3 to feel confident?

It all depends of your abilities. We have seen people drive the johanson3 in full confidence from the first test. Some people take a little more time to get used to the tilting system. You quickly get used to the limits of the tilting system which is about a 15°to 25°angle from the vertical axis which pulls you back to the vertical position through the feet rests and the springs. Once you have understood the principle you are fine to go.

It normally takes about 15 minutes to become familiar with the system. Drive slowly at the beginning and have fun with it and soon you will realize how much it can do for you and how far it will take you.

The vehicle can turn on a very short radius at low speed.

What is the maximum power of the engines?

The L2e and L5e regulations limit the power to 4 Kw or 4000 watts which is more than sufficient seen the weight of our frame and the payload it will carry allowing us to define the right engine(s) for each vehicle.

The L2e is limited to 28 mph or 45 km/h max and can be dimmed down to lesser speeds. The L5e is allowing speeds of about 75km/h or 40 to 50 mph.

The faster the vehicles the more tilting angle you will have, the more sporty the drive.

Can we change the setting of the speed once they have been defined?

In order to be street legal speeds will have to be electronically defined according to local regulations. The speed will be preset according to the category of certification. The settings are variable in torque, speed, etc. if settings are changed you will have higher electric consumption. The EU certifications are: EC 2002/24 in L2e and L5e.

The Junior will simply be a toy with a parental key for regulating the speed. From 5 km/h to 15 km/h. Kids grow fast. The johanson3 will grow with you.

A speed of 20 to 30 km/h may not require a helmet. It is up to you to decide at which speeds you want to drive and if wearing a helmet is safe and appropriate.

A speed of 45 km/h or more will require a helmet. The maximum speeds being 45 km in the L2e certification and +/- 65/80km/h  or 50/55 mph in the L5 certification with helmets being a compulsory safety item.

What kind of components will be delivered with the first batch?

The first batch of 2000 to 10.000 units will be a standard vehicle without accessories. The standard vehicle comes with the following elements:

  • A warranty of 2 years on the frame and most components.
  • 1 standard battery pack
  • Dashboard
  • 1 tool set,
  • Keyset,
  • 2 X 12 volt plugs in the dashboard
  • Instruction manual (English)
  • 1 charger,
  • 1 rear foldable payload platform
  • 1 or 2 passenger seats according to your vehicle choice with rear handles
  • Parking brake
  • 3 locks on the tires
  • 1 tire repair set
  • 1 bottle holder 1.5 L / 2 L
  • 1 air pump
  • Anti-theft device

More accessories and features will become available as the frame is originally designed to integrate them.

Some accessories that need to be designed in the future: luggage semi soft and hard casing, more rain protection, electronic devices (GPS/GTS), helmets, gloves, etc.

If we are massively supported we will not only provide customization for our limited series such as; golf or beach application for soft surfaces/ fishing gear/ delivery applications/ technical services/police/ surveillance and B2B applications such as techno centers, hotels, holiday resorts, but we will also be able to drop prices and materialize a great set of accessories.

How does one fold and dismount the frame and what for purpose?

The frame is really modular, flexible and is made of two main parts; the front and the rear.

The front is dismountable from the rear through the stability joint and allows you to put your vehicle in the boot of a van for example or your car for displacement.

The rear is designed to fold in two different directions for quick storing. We have put many efforts to make the folding as easy as possible.

Can I drive the vehicle if I’m disabled?

The vehicle is not destined for people with a major disability but allows fit people from all ages to use it. Senior citizens have used the vehicle without any difficulties.

Can I get or do I need an insurance to drive the j3?

You can get a material damage insurance but it is not necessarily compulsory.

The average material damage insurance is not very expensive and would not exceed 100 $ annually or about 70 € to get it fully covered.

The general liability insurance will be defined country per country when we have passed the EU and US certification and may be or not compulsory according to local legislation. We will keep our early adopters informed in due time

Can I order a vehicle for Europe*?

Yes you can but you need a national registration. This registration depends of the speed at which you may want to drive your vehicle.

In certain EU countries you may not need anything if your drive at speeds between 20 and 30 km/h.

The johanson3 company will provide all necessary information regarding registration procedures country per country as soon as we have passed the EU and US certification.

So do not hesitate to order. The registration procedure is the easy part.

Can I get incentives with my purchase

Yes the government gives up to 900 USD incentives for the NEW low speed 0 emission vehicles.We will be happy to answer your questions, try to integrate your suggestions and keep in touch via: