How to cut the prices of your e-bike, folding bike, scooter or e-scooter, cargo bike or e-cargo bike or a simple bike by 30 to 50%?

An electric bike manufactured in China comes out of the plant at about 200 USD if not less. Of course there some additional cost such as sending, custom clearance, storage, some import taxes and that is about it.  Now these additional costs represent maximum 20 % of the production costs. In other words the electric bike would arrive at about 250 USD within the country of destination.  From 250 USD to 1250 to 2500 USD there is a big difference.  Middle man takes 30 % to 40% several times from the importer to the sending and retail they explode your budget to reach these abnormal prices. Keep  in mind that that the e-bike are  produced in batches of 10.000 to 100.000 units and that China produces 20 to 30.000.000 e-bikes/ folding bikes, hybrid bikes etc.

These abnormal prices are from an old equation when internet didn’t exist and we were supposed to deliver service after sales and a great selection of products.  In terms of services after sales do you really believe that if you break the front light of your bike for example you can find the same spare part at your retail shop after 6 months or 12 months of the purchase? Do you think your retailer has these spare parts in stock knowing that he has to follow not only one brand but may be 10 to 25 brands?  Do you think that if you buy an e-scooter with an enclosed battery pack that fails you will be able to replace the battery pack once the warranty has expired? Do you think the retailer can afford to stock 10 to 25 different battery types and replace it in no time?  The answer is no and the manufacture is far away anyway. YOU will wait to get a new one and moreover if you need to solve the issue fast you need to buy a new one or may be a new scooter or e-bike. Not really cool and totally unjustified. In fact internet purchase of e-bikes, e-scooters, hybrid bikes, or any kind of cargo bike can be purchased online. That is what the retailer does anyway. Why wouldn’t you? And when it comes to repairs get ready to fix it yourself it will turn out better faster and correctly done.  An e-bike is more complex than a scooter. The pedelec solution is a rather complex technology and not many are able to create a reliable product that will last more than 3 years without issues. We have seen big European names failing to provide good products on the market. This is why we believe a scooter is easier to purchase, easier to maintain, and more convenient in many ways as a commuter tool.