With autonomy of 35 to 100 km with an average speed up to 30 to 45 km per hour they can be compared to a 50 cc petrol scooter. Battery technology progress allows these days to compare electric scooters to a 125 cc and even more in the near future.  Power can vary between 3000 to 6000 watts. With 48 to 75 Volts brushless engines and performing batteries with a charge of about 2 to 4 hours scooters will cover a great distance effortlessly. It will cost you about 0,6 € for 100KM  without insurance. Performance depends of many factors such as:

  • Battery capacity
  • Engine electric consumption
  • Electric accessories
  • Weight of the vehicle in full load
  • Type of terrein
  • Energy saver device
  • Pressure of the tires etc.

Electric scooters will avoid sweat and will be faster for commuting then an electric bike. It may also carry more payload and will carry a passenger. Cost for a scooter will vary between 600 and 5000 USD depending of the battery and components quality. Service after sales is an important issue when purchasing a scooter and is a determining factor of purchase. The major issue with electric  scooters is that they have small wheels and might prove dangerous in wet weather on slippery surfaces. The wear of a helmet is definitely a must and takes place in the frame under the seat leaving no room for extra luggage. Buying an electric scooter allows nevertheless effortless commuting if you wish to approach center cities like Dublin or London without suffering the traffic issues. Ireland and the UK are considering these alternatives with great enthusiasm.