What makes the johanson3 folding bike unique?

Johanson3 wants to offer you freedom of movement and is dedicated to human factors, cultural values, functionality, and efficiency.
You can choose from 5 complementary models according to your size and lifestyle.
It is, also, designed for women and kids.
Many accessories will be provided and complete your purchase.
The johanson3 is innovative in terms of ergonomics and functionality and wants to be the driving extension of your daily trips.
It is a stable multifunctional platform that will adapt to your daily life and journey.
You can make money out of it by renting your vehicle. We will provide on line solutions for that purpose once the website created.
Technology wise the johanson3 is low key and great fun to ride, trendy and environmental friendly. Moreover you will be able to travel faster in urban areas, regain your freedom of movement and enjoy the city like never before.
The frame of the johanson3 is really unique and will always allow you to integrate the latest in battery technology.
Johanson3 is dedicated to provide its customers a great service and great follow up in terms of accessories and subparts.
The original concept makes it a reliable timeless mobility tool for many years to come that you can update with time.