A Cargo tricycle often refers to a bicycle equipped with a container in front and without any pedelec or electric solution. Not really sexy it is the unhappy mixture with a wheel borrow and a traditional bicycle. To adopt such a vehicle you need two major qualities: not being concerned with self-image and enjoy peddling with big loads. The big advantage of a cargo trike or a cargo tricycle is that it will offer you initial stability. Of course some of the new generation Cargo trikes or cargo tricycles are now offering a pedelec solution and make the travel more enjoyable and somehow less constraining when pushing big loads. The traditional cargo bikes are basic, heavy, rigid, bulky, unattractive and designed for a young male audience while in fact mostly used by boyish women.
The term cargo trike somehow erases the idea of bicycle and is somehow more generic to a stable platform whatever its propulsion system or its stability principle. With this in mind we can state that the Johanson3 series is closer to a cargo trike than a cargo bicycle and one could add that is closer to an E-cargo trike than an E-cargo bicycle. While both put a strong emphasis on cargo and goods they remain not really designed in most cases for more than one adult. The Johanson3 cargo trike uses electric powered engines with removable battery packs, offers greater stability with an automatic tilting system pulling the driver in a vertical position while driving it, gives as much importance to the amount of people or cargo it can carry on extended period of times for normal commuting distances at high commercial speeds in urban traffic situations. The Johanson3 is fun effortless and designed for women who like take care of their appearance and focus on their daily routine with a focus on performance and self-satisfaction.