Are Cargo bikes the best way to move around?

Unlike folding bikes which are designed to minimize their 3D impact cargo bikes present similar features as a car in terms of fixed dimensions. They may be smaller but not really practical when considering it is the perfect personal mobility tool to move around.
European center cities often do not provide the space enabling you to park your cargo bike or your cargo e-bike to its final destination. Unlike a car it is not stable and belongs to 2 wheelers. It’s only stable position is when you don’t use it thanks to its bike stand. You will not consider it as a commuter bike either because of its size and weight to move around swiftly.
A folding bike or e-bike can be considered as a PEV (personal electric vehicle) but one should not forget that it has no payload capacity and if not equipped of a pedelec system will need human effort to propel yourself to your destination. Something that is good for your health but that may be annoying if you don’t want to arrive sweaty wherever you have decided to go.
The folding bike remains more of a commuter tool enabling you to do routine traveling from a point A to a point B. Do not expect that you will be using it for many other destinations unless you decide to do sightseeing with a backpack as the realistic alternative to bring a purpose to your travelling. Cargo bikes are designed to carry children and payload unless you would like to move around for the fun while pushing a wheel barrow. Not the most convenient and convincing commuter tool to replace a car in urban areas where cars, buses, tramways, taxis, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrian share the same space.
The Johanson3 has due to its design and functional features numerous advantages when considering leaving your car behind for the last miles to your destination. It can be bring a new dimension to swift commuting effortlessly with a big payload. Stable with its 3 wheels it is offering the advantages of a cargo bike or e-cargo bike with payload capacity and the folding advantages of an e-bike or bike to store or park it.
The johanson3 personal commuting vehicle pushes the limits to comfort and functionality with fun and great ergonomics if you consider leaving your car behind for covering the few miles that separate you from your car not only to your final destination but also to the many places you can visit and discover around the city. The johanson3 has also not only be designed for the purpose of bringing a great alternative to cars in urban areas it is also a great tool for numerous applications such as working environment or leisure applications.