Cargo Bikes or freight bikes were born in Copenhagen Denmark around 1917 and one could see large versions for delivery in 1940 were they were used by bicycle messengers for the Illum department store, the telegraph service. Etc.

These days’ cargo bikes are in and prove to be a great alternative to cars and traffic issues in urban areas. If these can beat the traffic and pollution issues they also remain a great tool for parents and children to move around the entire family at low cost. Young families and most young parents are looking for a comfortable, safe and affordable cargo bike. Most models are two wheeled based but some trike versions are being introduced to the markets and become a great stable and safer solution for the entire family. Holland like Germany and many northern countries are reintroducing the concept of light cargo bikes or freight bikes. 3 wheeled cargo bikes are becoming more useful, safer and more convenient in an urban setting where an active lifestyle requires increased safety. Germany is introducing cargo bikes as a great solution for urban commuting and shopping. It seems that municipalities and authorities have understood that the attractiveness to cities must enable people to come into cities without being systematically penalized when trying to approach the city. Cargo bikes is one step forward towards freedom of movement.