While scooters have integrated propulsion and do not require human muscular efforts cargo bikes will always require you to peddle to move around whatever the payload and the relief.
Cargo scooters exist under different shapes and configurations and have been around for a while. Widely used in dense urban areas and mostly in Asia Cargo scooters are part of the normal city scenery when it comes to move fast and efficiently in different parts of a town with goods family , animals etc. Cargo scooters are by definition the best answer to European and western needs in terms of mobility when pollution and mobility issues are concerned. Western civilization remains strongly attached to its past and very romantic when it comes to change with plenty of preconceived ideas and stereotypes. What is natural and makes obvious sense in India or Asia is being considered as inept and not up to lifestyle standards in western territories. Cars remain the priority but systematically stopped by city authorities. The car in the city is a dream that belongs to the past in terms of energy consumption, pollution, cost, image and efficiency. Too space consuming, too slow in traffic, unpractical we have designed a range of cargo scooters that will not only make you stand out of the crowd by being a trendsetter you will enjoy the swift effortless ride with 660 lbs. at speeds up to 50 miles per hour to move from in place to another in no time. Our cargo scooters are designed from age 6 to 77 and will allow people up 6ft6 to embark easily on our unique frames. Our cargo scooters are first of all stable with their 3 wheels offering a stable tilting platform with numerous possible applications for personal use or vertical markets such as delivery, surveillance fast intervention, advertising, commuting, yachting applications etc.
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