Cargo bikes represent an interesting new trend on alternative to cars in urban and suburban areas. This logical and emerging movement grew up from a natural need that is to provide individuals with more payload on human propelled two wheelers. The biggest need today when it comes to approach a city is being able to commute and mostly do your shopping without having to suffer the burden of poor public transport system that do not provide the basic need for mobility and moving around with shopping purposes. When it comes to buy a Cargo bike or a cargo scooter you may question yourself of the validity of extended payload capacity on a two wheeler. We see bikes stretched in length and in width trying to give to its owner more payload capacity. We see scooters trying to integrate more cases and more payloads to rival with the numerous advantages of cars. Two wheelers were originally never designed to carry more than one driver and one can see the concept growing out of its own borders to adapt to modern needs but are they really up to date in terms of functionality and modern urban life? At Johanson3 we believe that these current trends do express a strong need for an appropriate cargo Bike that will integrate the essential functionalities providing travelers and shoppers the lightest but the most advanced designed mobility tool ever designed. Our Company has more than 45 year’s expertise in industrial design and integration of human factors when it comes to mobility issues. We designed 5 complementary cargo bikes that will give to your daily trips a whole new dimension and prevent from questioning why you may have left your car behind. Our cargo bikes are swift and highly flexible according to your wishes and needs through time. Reliable and practical it will adapt to your lifestyle and expectations. Stable with its 3 wheels you will not fear the instability of two wheelers. Your kids will be seated safely and you will be able to load and unload your bike without any apprehension of someone falling of your cargo bike?