When our daughter was 6 years old the time had come for her to learn driving a bicycle. Like most parents I would be the one running next to the bike and spend the necessary hours until she got it right. Driving a bicycle is a bit like learning swimming; a must do thing. Getting the balance right, pedaling forward and shifting the weight of the body alternatively to right and the left foot while keeping the balance right is not an easy and obvious task for most of us. Well of course she finally got it and we were happy this step was achieved and could go on thinking about the next one. When it came to choose a bicycle our daughter had the perfect specs in mind. The most important features for her bike were color and accessories. It was obvious that all what she wanted was a bicycle that could carry all her toys her luggage and everything she wanted along her trip whatever her destination. In fact she wanted to do like mum, load the car with everything that was essential to her at that time and like most women still do today when they travel somewhere. If you still have some room left for your tooth brush consider yourself lucky! In fact the bicycle was destined for the garden or the beach as she was not allowed to play in the streets by herself. Consequently the bike was dropped very fast and she went for a trailer that she could take where ever she wanted with all her toys to play with. The bicycle became trailer and finding a bicycle trailer simply did not exist until I found recently this rather awesome and cute design by Johanson3 cargo bikes that are destined for all ages and specifically for kids from age 6 to 10; an electric scooter for kids going maximum 9mph / 16km/H with a parental key to dim down the speed according the age of the child. It looks like an urban scooter and its stable since it is a platform based on 3 wheels. Folding bike for easy travelling it can be put in the trunk of your car and assembled when the beach or the coastline is in sight. With its fat tires it will go on soft surfaces. The folding electric scooter has a big battery pack that will provide plenty of autonomy for the entire weekend and more. The beauty of the rear part of these electric scooters for kids is that this toy has plenty of room for all the toys kids may want to carry with them. The rear platform is modular and can also sit another kid for exploring the surroundings. This awesome e-bike is the best electric scooter for kids I have seen so far and the best part is that this concept has been extended for adults also. Now I don’t know if these electric scooters for adults were first designed with adults in mind and dimmed down for children or vice versa but the idea of having electric scooters for adults with modular payload is a very safe way of bringing to the market an urban tool that makes shopping obvious and safe. The johanson3 range has definitely the right vehicle for every purpose when it comes to neighboring applications at high speed and cost effective prices. From golfing applications to fast commuting, delivery, or leisure the Johanson3 seem to have integrated in their specs the full range of functionalities you may expect from a light functional urban stable platform to move around. If like me you find it useful to be able to leave the car at home do your shopping and commute around and participate actively to a better way of living share this link around it might suits your needs as well the one’s of your kids: www.johanson3.com