Biking in Holland , Belgium and in Europe.
Holland has about 17.000.0000 inhabitants and 17.000.000 bikes while Belgium has only
50 % of its population using bikes. Dutch people acknowledge that if you have a family with kids, bikes become useless and the ‘bakfiets’ is the solution if you want to move around efficiently and travel with the kids. The Cargo bike trailer is the marriage of a wheelbarrow with a bike or if you prefer a bath tub with the rear part of a bike. Often referred, as the Dutch cargo bike it is stable platform allowing its user to move payloads or kids in urban areas or simply enjoy the coastline and a trip in the country side. Holland and Belgium benefit from an outstanding network of bike lanes and reserved spaces for these mobility tools. The ‘bakfiets’ is less popular in Belgium and considered as an unaesthetic and a rustic bike destined to strong ‘Viking women’ enjoying pushing a bathtub in the streets. Much safer for kids than bicycles and with a low gravity center they are maneuverable and easy to handle. This is true if you consider that Holland is a flat country but with heavy winds and steep relief you might think twice before adopting one. The prices vary from 1500 € to 7000 € you may want to use a ‘pedelec’ solution that will boost your propulsion along your trip with full payload. The Dutch cargo bike which emerged in Denmark and is taking a big deployment in Germany seem to give younger generations a push forward towards ecofriendly urban movement. Also referred as Cargo bike trailer these solutions only consider younger sporty families and have not yet integrated a commuting society or a more active part of the working class or even the seniors. The johanson3 seem to bring it all together and avoid the rather rustic design of the ‘bakfiets’ which literally translated indicates its origins : ‘bike with a box’. Even though they do represent a major input in our urban landscapes it does not integrate an uplifting design approach whatever its shape or performances. Moreover these bikes are produced in Asia at very cheap prices and imported to hit the retail network at high prices.
Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, and Holland do not mind belonging to a group of fans that push happily wheelbarrows around. Belgians, French, British, Spanish, Italians among other Southern countries have a more acute sense of personal perception and awareness of their self-image when using these tools around and prove to more conventional and less obedient when it comes to social progress and awareness. The johanson3 provides a highly functional design allowing an effortless trip with similar advantages whilst being more flexible and modular, the user can configure its geometry an functions to whatever you destine it for; fast commuting, delivery, shopping, leisure, sport activities, heavy duty working platforms. 5 complementary vehicles can be chosen from whatever your size, your height and your budget as prices will range from 1500 € to 3500 € . A wide range of accessories can be purchased and will always fit your bike.

(Image Credits:websvarka)