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Author - Johanson3

The electric scooter; its challenges, its trends, its assumptions, its mistakes.

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Urban mobility: The electric scooter; its challenges, its trends, its assumptions, its mistakes. An electric scooter is a light motorcycle driven by an electric motor with small wheels and a low seat mostly used in urban areas. The…

Mobilité urbaine: Le scooter électrique; ses défis, ses tendances, ses

Blog, scooter electrique

Un scooter électrique est un motocycle léger entraîné par un moteur électrique avec des petites roues et un siège bas surtout utilisé dans les zones urbaines. Les scooters ne sont pas nouveaux et sont sur le marché depuis…

Best electric scooters for kids and adults

Blog, Electric scooter

When our daughter was 6 years old the time had come for her to learn driving a bicycle. Like most parents I would be the one running next to the bike and spend the necessary hours until she…

Electric Scooters these days

Blog, Electric scooter

With autonomy of 35 to 100 km with an average speed up to 30 to 45 km per hour they can be compared to a 50 cc petrol scooter. Battery technology progress allows these days to compare electric…

L’essentiel du vélo électrique


L’essentiel du vélo électrique Il existe essentiellement trois différents types de vélos électriques. Le vélo de ville avec une position assez verticale avec un poids variant entre 9 et 30 kg. Celui-ci fait usage de la technologie ‘pedelec’ …

Bikes and Baby seats


Baby seats are allowed to kids of a minimum age of 12 months. In most cases kids will fall asleep and consequently need to be strapped in their seat. In the USA kids are strapped in the rear…

Public bike rental


Public bike rental is as many other complex systems in urban areas another emerging trend in the landscape of managing change of behavior and growth in its inner city borders. The process that underlies the model behind it…

Biking in Holland , Belgium and in Europe


Biking in Holland , Belgium and in Europe. Holland has about 17.000.0000 inhabitants and 17.000.000 bikes while Belgium has only 50 % of its population using bikes. Dutch people acknowledge that if you have a family with kids,…

Bicycles, Electric bikes and electric scooters in Japan

Blog, Cargo bike

Bicycles, Electric bikes and electric scooters in Japan. Bicycles are widely used in Japan by people of all age groups and social standings. Tourists will find that rental bicycles are available in many tourist destinations as an alternative…


Blog, Cargo bike

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