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The last mile in urban dense areas

Blog, Cargo bike

Cities want to attract people but do not want to cope with mobility issues when it comes to cars. Cars converge on a daily routine towards center cities such as trains, metros, bus, but remain a big issue…

When it comes to buy a Cargo bike

Blog, Cargo bike

Cargo bikes represent an interesting new trend on alternative to cars in urban and suburban areas. This logical and emerging movement grew up from a natural need that is to provide individuals with more payload on human propelled…

Cargo scooters versus cargo bikes

Blog, Cargo bike

While scooters have integrated propulsion and do not require human muscular efforts cargo bikes will always require you to peddle to move around whatever the payload and the relief. Cargo scooters exist under different shapes and configurations and…

Cargo tricycle or just a trike

Blog, Cargo bike

A Cargo tricycle often refers to a bicycle equipped with a container in front and without any pedelec or electric solution. Not really sexy it is the unhappy mixture with a wheel borrow and a traditional bicycle. To…